The Saga of Don Siegelman 

How the South’s Only Progressive Governor became America’s #1 Political Prisoner


Players in the Don Siegelman Prosecution

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  • Don Siegelman

    The former Alabama Governor was an unbeatable Democrat in Alabama.

  • Karl Rove

    Karl Rove has a long history of directing Alabama electoral politics.

  • Bill Pryor

    He began investigating his Governor from the Governor’s first week in office.

  • Leura Canary

    She and her husband, “Bill” Canary, were a GOP power-couple in Alabama.

  • Mark Fuller

    He was over-the-top as the “Siegelman Judge,” abusive at home.

  • Jack Abramoff

    He admitted to “wargaming” Siegelman with Scanlan, Norquist and Ralph Reed.

The main characters that star in the Siegelman Saga political thriller have deep roots in Alabama. They are the little known – like William Pryor – and the notorious – like Rove and Abramoff; they are judges, politicos, and lobbyists who formed a coordinated network of criminal power and political influence. New characters and scenes will be added as the story unfolds. Stay tuned!!