Is there election fraud in the USA today?

Yes, and it is much more common than you know. Read more Below

One of the many weapons used to manipulate an end to Don Siegelman’s Governorship was election fraud. A “computer glitch” moved enough votes out of the Siegelman column to give a razor thin win to his Republican opponent, Bob Riley.

Voter fraud is an ugly thing. It should be put to a stop. But voter fraud, by definition, occurs in such small numbers that it could never move the dial on most elections. Election Fraud, on the other hand, is basically a “coup d’etat,” an illegal overthrow of a government, whether that government is a federal or state government. We concern ourselves here with election fraud since it is the more serious crime, as well as being a large component of the Siegelman case. Following is a sampling of media that confronts the issue of election fraud.