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With rising concerns about a politicized U.S. Justice Department in the early 2000's, the media - from the mainstream to the alternative - covered the Don Siegelman story early and often. Eventually the fever cooled and two media groups kept a sustained interest in the case: the legal community and the progressive community. These two groups approached the issues from different perspectives, but both expressed concern with our constitutional right to a fair trial and an electoral process that we can trust.
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This site is primarily an archive of media content that covered the Don Siegelman Prosecution.

The website does not provide primary research about the Siegelman Case, but showcases the media outlets which covered the Don Siegelman case including print, video and film, radio and audio, mainstream and alternative online blogs. These sources include primary investigative sources and secondary reporting sources.

The Media and the Don Siegelman Case

The Media covered the Don Siegelman case with a fervor. Karl Rove wrote in his autobiography, Courage and Consequences, that he was compelled to address the Siegelman case because of the considerable media coverage.

He wrote, "I wouldn't normally dignify the charge [of arranging the Siegelman prosecution] by raising it again, except that it was aired repeatedly, in seventeen editorials in the New York Times, on 60 Minutes, and in nearly fifty segments on MSNBC, despite my repeated denials that I had anything to do with the prosecution."

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